Friday, 16 December 2011

Playing with paint

I decided I would like to play with poster paint and so set out to ruin lots of clothes. I had tried neat paint before but it didn't flow so I picked three colours and added progressively more water to each. Here are the results.
I started with satin knickers, grey cargo pants, a white lace blouse, a cream lace jacket, silver heels and some green paint.

As you can see the only thing to survive was the shoes which I spent some time cleaning. Next I set to and cleaned the shower before I was ready to do it all again. It may seem odd to many but I enjoy everything being smart and clean and get most aroused with the first pour of the paint.
This time it was lace knickers, white summer trousers, a white cotton blouse, a green jumper, the same silver heels and blue paint.

Again the same messy, destructive results and again I set to and cleaned the shower and the heels.
Time for my third colour and this time I wore satin knickers, a fine wool jumper and wool cut-offs along with the silver heels.

More wanton destruction and I was finished. All that was left was to clean up. I genuinely hadn't planned on any more mess but decided to dress as a woman for the clean up. The mess got the better of me and I pulled everything out of the bin bag and proceeded to ruin a nice summer dress, satin knickers and black high heels.

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