Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Not to everyones taste

This is a warning that cow poo makes an appearance in this story so be warned.

Again I like a story and on this occasion Davina is coming home from a party when she sees something going on in a field. She stops the car and goes to investigate

Unfortunately the sun is in her eyes.

So she decides to climb over the gate to investigate. This is made more difficult by her tight wool dress which she has to pull up out of the way. Her silver heels aren't much of a help either!

Once in the field the sun is still in her eyes and so she doesn't see what is underfoot until it's too late.

 Disgusted she looks around and sees a water trough. She decides to clean her shoe in the water.

Luckily she realises this is the animals drinking water and so stops before dipping her shoe in it. Putting the shoe back on she steps back and slips off the concrete. She sits right in some more poo. As it seeps into her knickers she gets up and rushes back to the car.
Again the sun is in her eyes and stumbles and falls into yet more poo.

Gaining her feet she puts her other shoe in the same poo.

This is all too much for Davina and she hurries to get back to the car. Ruining her stockings in her haste to climb the gate.

Reaching her home she jumps in the shower forgetting to remove even her dress watch. Needless to say that even if the cow poo hadn't ruined her dress and shoes the hot water did just that. An expensive end to her party night.

Here is a Google Earth link to the place I used if anyone wants to visit.

Let me know if you want me to join you there.

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