Thursday, 15 December 2011

My latest lottery dare

This time the dare was to wear only a thong and pour water over my head. The weather here in the UK is freezing but I decided to give it a go. I put on the thong and my male clothes over the top. You may be interested to know my wife actually bought me this thong to wear to a New Years Eve party under my male clothes.
I parked as near as I could to the chosen location and then walked down the path. I stopped a number of times to strip and take photos but this was the one that showed the ice on the puddles.

Once when I stopped I had only just stripped off when a couple came along walking their dog. Luckily the path is quite open so I saw them coming some way away.
Eventually I got to the trees where I had to do the deed. I stripped off only to have to dress again as I heard voices. I didn't see anyone but had to dress and undress again.
Finally I got to tip the water and it was cold. I had only just done that when again I heard voices. frantically putting on my clothes I just finished dressing and was walking away as a group of beaters came past.
For a place that isn't on a footpath it is very busy!

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