Friday, 2 December 2011

More dares

I completed my next two lottery dares. The first was dressed as a male so I won't dwell on that here. The second was dressed as a female and to pour water over my head.
Well I took a pair of pink knickers, some black cutoffs, a purple satin blouse, a burgundy raincoat and brown heeled boots. When I got to the location I realised I had left my wig at home. Too late to go back so I did the dare but I can't show the picture as I would like.
Because of this I stopped in another field and did the alternate mess which was custard in the knickers. To do this I had to redress in the wet clothes and it was freezing. Still I enjoyed it.
The alternate mess was brought in if I couldn't get to a location then an alternate location and mess was picked.

Once I got home it was time for some washing and a nice warm shower.

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