Thursday, 8 December 2011

From the past

I wanted to explore the idea of dares from someone on line but he was never on when I could do my sessions so I came up with and idea to prove I was doing things without cheating. I then made this demo to show him the idea.
The plan would be that he picked a pair of knickers from a selection I showed him on camera when we were both around at the same time. Then when it came to my session I would start by cutting up those knickers and then not stopping the camera while I picked what was going to happen.

Then the clothes were picked by dice. Firstly the undies which were the yellow bra and knickers.

Then came the shoes which were either of the two pairs shown or nothing. The pink pair were chosen.

Next a choice of tights, stockings or nothing and the tights were chosen.

The top clothes were a white cheescloth blouse and black chiffon skirt (chosen), a chiffon blouse and spotted mini skirt or the clothes I was currently wearing.

Next came the mess which was treacle (chosen), a cook in sauce or water.

There was also a throw to decide whether the clothes got ripped off at the end but they were spared that fate this time.

I enjoyed the session and it met with some approval but I wanted to go a bit further. In fact the next time I did this was much bigger.

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