Monday, 26 December 2011

More elaboarate stories

As I've mentioned before, I like to have a story to my sessions and this time I was going to do a video using a computer generated female who controls me. I haven't finished the video from the animation side but this is the bits of humans. You will see that it goes way over the top as usual.
It starts with me as a male eating some soup (or should that be drinking?) when the female appears.

I make a comment to myself about how no woman could control me based on something I was reading. She appears and says she can make me do anything. We argue and I agree to her trying. The very first thing she makes me do is take off my glasses and mangle the frames.

Then she gets me to splash tomato soup over my white shirt.

Then she makes me fetch a hammer and smash my glass and plate soaking my trousers in juice and soup.

She then allows me to go off and wash and change. When I come back I tell her I have put on old clothes in case she wants to play some more.

No, that is not what she wants and she makes me go off and get some of my wifes dresses to show her.

Picking the long pink one she makes me put it on much against my will (Not!). However when I go to take off my own clothes she insists on them being destroyed.

I then put on the dress which I hate!

She then makes me get out the tuna, tomato and pasta snack meals from the cupboard and makes me wipe them all over the lovely dress.

Then to my horror she insists on the dress being torn off!

Not finished with me she then sends me off to wash and change. This time into a full set of my wifes clothes.

Making me take a whole tub of margarine from the fridge I then have to spread it all over my clothes including those nice suede heels. Horrible!


  1. Love the photo of you covered in margarine, just need to pour a couple of bottles of sunflower oil all over you just to finish the session off perfectly

  2. I like oil but it does make a lot of mess