Monday, 26 December 2011

Interactive video

I had seen some rude interactive videos on the web and wondered whether I could do the same with mess. It turned out to be quite a programming challenge. However the messy bit was far more fun.
For the session I bought two identical outfits plus some spare knickers.
For those who can't wait the link is at the bottom of this page but for the rest I will explain. The idea is you see me enter and sit down. Above my head you can hover over the clothes I am wearing to see them in greater detail. At the bottom of the screen are some messy words. Clicking on them might make me use and they might not. I think from these pictures you will see what works.

Again a lot of my fun came from messing up then washing and cleaning everything before doing it all again. I would have liked to do more result videos but couldn't afford more than two sets of clothes. Instead I did two that just saw me destroy some undies. I'm glad I did them last as I forgot about the difficulty of getting gloss paint off my hands!

For those of you who haven't yet visited you can find the video here here but you will need a reasonably fast connection.

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