Friday, 23 December 2011

Creating a story

I like to have a story, however feeble, behind my pictures and this time I wanted to get Davina messy with lots of paint. I decided to film it in two parts because of time restraints but never got round to filming the messy section. However here is the first part.
I will tell you the story as it appeared in my mind and how it got translated to pictures.
Davina goes to check the post and finds a letter hand delivered.

Inside is an invite to party that very afternoon. So Davina rushes upstairs to get ready.

Firstly she takes off her old clothes.

Then it's into the shower to get all nice and clean.

Wrapping a towel around herself she then puts on her make-up.

Then she gets her clothes out

Before she puts on her brand new undies, clothes and shoes.

Will these gorgeous clothes get ruined?

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