Friday, 9 December 2011

My first proper lottery

I decided it would be a good idea to publish my clothes and mess on the web so everyone could see what was planned so I put my pictures on Flickr along with the lottery numbers that would choose each outfit. That way anyone could check that I was doing what I promised.
This was very important to me because it meant I had to do the dare no matter what.
This was my first session and so the video was more elaborate than the ones that followed. I purposely didn't watch the draw live but replayed it on Iplayer (on demand TV) and got dressed accordingly.

The first number picked the underwear which in this case was pink lace knickers and no bra.

Once dressed in these I tried out face makeup for the first time. Not very good but I need some help.

The next ball drawn decided whether it was to be tights or stockings and in this case it was black stockings and suspenders, my favourite.

The third ball picked the top clothes and it was a silk blouse and satin skirt. I love the feel of silk and satin and I hoped this outfit would survive.

Next came the shoes and this time it was an old pair of white sandals. Not quite in keeping with the clothes but they had been chosen.

Finally a hand bag. After all they are the best thing for carrying lots of mess!

Next came a ball to pick the mess to be used and it was custard and treacle. My favourite combination. They both feel nice and make a mess of any colour.

The only other choice was whether the clothes were to be destroyed at the end of the session and thankfully the answer was no.

All that was left now was the best bit - the mess. I made sure that it went everywhere and spent some time enjoying the feeling.

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