Wednesday, 28 December 2011

More random number destruction

I was asked by someone to do some more destruction based on random numbers so I picked some clothes and set about doing just that.
I actually got six outfits and picked them using the roll of a dice. I won't go through them all for you but here is the outfit that won, if that's the right word.

Then the fate of each item of clothing was decided on the flip of a coin. First off was the blouse and it survived as did the bra.

Next came the skirt. This was not so lucky and I was devastated as it was very expensive silk and felt gorgeous on my legs. However I always go through with these dares and so it had to go.

Next came the long sparkly boots. These too went under the scissors. Shame because they looked so sexy.

The tights were next and ruining them was not so worrying.

Finally the black knickers were ripped to pieces. They actually matched the bra so I no longer had the set.

Now I should have stopped there but I was so turned on I decided to pick another outfit.

Again the blouse survived the toss of the coin and I didn't have a bra. The skirt was next and although it was an expensive lined skirt it wasn't my style so I wasn't too bothered about its demise.

What came next really upset me as I had bought these studded heels off the internet and really loved them. I felt so good in them and had worn them outside on my first trip. However I promised and so they got cut to pieces.

The tights survived this time but the little pink lace knickers didn't.

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