Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A look back

I thought I would take you back to some of my previous sessions and explain a little behind the pictures and what I was thinking about when I did them.
The first one I want to show you was when I first started experimenting with Russian Roulette style sessions. I went out and bought some clothes, took some of my current clothes and even 'borrowed' some from my wife for added danger.
Then I put each set of clothes on before picking a random piece of paper to decide their fate. I had written down water, custard, treacle, rip and a number of pieces saying 'nothing'.

The first items of clothing were my own and were a black camisole top and knickers which were coated in custard. I love the feeling of custard especially when its warm.

Next came a satin slip of my wifes. Here was my first moment of fear/excitement. What would it be? It turned out to be water.

So with some relief I poured on the water.
The satin felt nice when it was wet and stuck to my skin making it extremely difficult to get off.
Once dry the next set of clothes were a shirt, boxers and trousers. On they went and the piece of paper said to rip. I started off by ripping the shirt pocket off before ripping the shirt open at the front. Then the scissors were used to destroy the sleeve. I was surprised that after a cut through the waistband I was able to rip the trousers by hand. Finally the boxers were ripped apart.

Discarding the rags I put on the brand new bra and knickers I had bought. They too were destined to be ripped and with some reluctance I took them off for the last time. Bras are notoriously difficult to rip so the best I could do was cut through the straps before cutting up between the cups. The knickers were much easier and were soon in tiny pieces.

I was starting to get turned on by this destruction.
 Next came a pair of my wifes knickers which were destined to be coated in treacle. I just had to hope I had time to wash them before she got home.

Treacle makes a nice mess but is very sticky and it took some time to wash off my skin.
A pair of my own knickers were next and they too were set to be ripped. Being satin they had to have a cut put in the waistband before I could rip them off.

My next outfit I was unsure about using as it was my favourite to wear around the house. A denim mini and red sweater. Just my luck that they too were to be ripped. I took my time over this as I was truly sad (and aroused). I was actually able to rip the sweater much to my surprise. The denim skirt also ripped quite easily but with the most delightful sound.

Finally it was a top and skirt of my wifes. I know it had been quite expensive and I think I had already made up my mind that I wouldn't dare rip it. However I didn't have to worry as it was to receive water, custard and treacle but no scissors.

After a quick wash in the machine my wifes clothes were fine but a large bag of rags went in the bin. Overall I really enjoyed the session and made me decide to do it all again in the near future.
Surprisingly, in this session, the 'nothing' paper never appeared.

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