Friday, 12 October 2012

Grocery delivery

I was so turned on one day but had to wait for our groceries to be delivered. First proper try of online shopping. Whilst waiting I got more and more arounsed and decided to dress to greet the delivery man or woman.

 Talk about nervous. I paced back and forth for some time.

 I even went outside dressed.

 And opened the gate to look down the road to see if he or she was coming.

 Unfortunately my nerves got the better of me and I took off the wig, blouse and skirt and replaced them with jeans and sweatshirt.

 I ket the undies on though as you can see. The delivery man is just outside the window with the boxes.

 Unfortunately he stayed on the doorstep so I had no chance to flash the camera when he came in. I think I should have removed my boobs as he kept looking at my chest. Here he is just going.

Maybe next time the nerves will hold out.


I got hold of this micro plastic skirt and tried it on with my new basque and panites along with my slutty black boots. I thought it looked so good I would walk outside at the front and back and let the world see.

Video can be seen here

Quick shower

My wife had just gone out for an hour so I decided to ruin a nice leather skirt, silk blouse and heels in the shower. No reason apart from being horny.

How to dress outdoors

To give myself a chance to dress outdoors when my wife is home I have to be a little sneaky.
Here I am dressed as I left the house.

 Off with the jeans to reveal the tights and skirt

 Then on with the boots

 Off with the sweatshirt to reveal the satin blouse

 On with the wig

 And now I'm ready for a nice walk down the road in ful view of anyone who passes.

 Time to go off-road and take a look round this field.

 Over the cold metal gate

And out across the field

 Finally it's time to undress so back to the middle of the road and off with the blouse

 And the skirt

 Then time to go home, sadly.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Major Film

I bought three matching outfits some time ago and have been wondering how to use them. Eventually I came up with an idea which actually took a whole day to film as you will see.
The story goes that Davina comes home tired and falls asleep at the ktichen table where she has what she thinks is a dream.
In the dream the devil appears and tells her to go shopping and buy a designer outfit, change into it at the roadside and come back and cover that outfit with whatever is on the table. Then she has to hang the outfit outside on a clothes stand before going and showering and changing and doing it all over again.
After the third time she wakes up to find the devil has gone but is horrified to see the messed up clothes actually hanging outside. She rushes off to the A1 where she discovers all her discarded clothes in a layby. How embarassing!
I started off filming the various outfits walking through the house and outside, then I filmed the clothes being selected from the wardrobe. Next came the washing and make-up before getting round to the mess. Obviously I had to clean the kitchen down after each session which takes some time. Finally I filmed the roadside layby session.

Here you see Davina asleep at the table and the devil appearing for the first time.

I chose to use my wife's clothes for the outfits to be discarded as it gave it a greater element of danger, as if it needed any!

 Here you see Davina going off to the shops mfor the first time and me walking out the front of my house dressed.

 Arriving home in the first new outfit Davina is conffronted with a bowl of custard and she proceeds to spread it over every part of her outfit.

 Then it's off upstairs for a showr and a change. I decided to show this as slighlty surreal highlighting only parts of the process like the water on the back or the clothes being selected and put on.

 Now we see Davina in the second set of my wife's clothes off to buy a second copy of the same clothes.

 This time she returns to find tomato ketchup waiting for. Again the whole outfit gets coated. Then its off for another session in the shower and new clothes. Filmed perviously as already mentioned.

 Another outfit from my wife, a dress this time, sees Davina off for yet another shopping trip.

 On her return mayo is waiting and again the outfit is coated before heading off for a shower and a change of clothes.

 Finally the last outfit of my wifes, picked as I knew I was going out in public for real.

 Then I had to film the messy clothes outside which took some time to set up and clear, all the time dressed as Davina.

 This is where Davina rushes off to look in the layby. As I ran out of the drive I almost bumped into a girl walking her horse past. Luckily is was too quick for her to see I was a male (I think) but more importantly she wasn't local.

 here I am driving down the A1.

 Arriving at the layby I set about filming the last sequence all the time watched by lots of passing traffic. Now they might not have known what I was doing but the camera would have made most look. I have to say I was charged up by this time.

 Her eyou can see how close I was to the passing traffic and the talk of one or two lorry drivers I guess.

The full film is here