Friday, 2 March 2012


This dare required picking up ten eggs with my mouth and breaking them into a bowl on my lap whilst sitting on an unprotected settee. As you will see it didn't quite go as hoped and there was a bit of clearing up to do.

New skirt

This is from my new dares list (see New Dares post). I had to go and buy a new skirt and paint it with gloss paint.

I bought a denim skirt from well known supermarket clothes store and a tin of gloss paint from the DIY store. I decided it would look wrong with just the skirt so I added some undies, tights and a new blouse. Obviously only the skirt was to be painted. This is what happened.

Now you may notice I now have paint on my tights but worse still it got on the blouse. Resigned to loosing both I carried on and made sure everything got painted.

new Dares

Having had a wake up call some time ago when I was out trying to do a dare I have changed my dares for a new list. In fact I prefer the new format. Here is a list of the dares so far completed.

Dress as a male wearing no underwear and cut off jeans in a public toilet
Wear a very obvious female blouse and bra under a male coat and have it open with public behind
Make a pair of knickers out of gaffer tape and keep them on for as long as possible. Write name on to prove it
Cover you genital area in lard and then put on knickers or pants
Fill jeans with spray cream until it comes out of both legs
Dress as a female and cover yourself in PVA then cover yourself in sand and leave to set
Dress as a male and fill your jeans with custard and drive through the city
Go to clothes shop and buy short skirt. Go home, wear it and paint it with gloss paint
Dress as a female and pick up in your mouth ten eggs and crack them into a bowl on your lap on a settee with no plastic
Dress as a male. Drive along the road and throw clothes out of window showing no other clothes in car
Dress as a female and walk outside in the countryside then cut off one item of clothing
Go to clothes shop and buy bra and knickers. Go home, wear them and paint them with gloss paint
Cover a board in strong glue and sit down on it in trousers until set
Mix spinach puree, mayo and brown sauce together. Spread over body apart from hands and face. Get dressed and go for a drive.
Buy a pair of knickers and rip them up when someone else could see
Dress as a male and pour custard in your jeans standing at the side of the road

As you can see there are quite a few male orientated ones which you are welcome to see. Send me a comment if you want to view.

I will concentrate on the ones that are female. The first one the list is covering myself with PVA glue and sand. For this I chose a satin blouse and skirt along with stockings and heels,

The plan was to wait until it set but I couldn't wait that long so spread it all over then went for a shower. Everything washed clean surprisingly and I learnt PVA glue does not set for some time as the plastic sheet is still covered in liquid glue.