Friday, 25 November 2011

Lottery pictures

In fact it turned out I got the co-ordinates wrong as my darer pointed out and I was a little further off the road than I thought. I actually got a chance to do it on Friday and set off with my heart a flutter. It was quite a climb to the location and there was a lot of grouse shooting going on so I was nervous about being spotted. In fact it went very well and was a nice sunny day.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


I wasn't able to watch the live draw for the Wednesday lottery so I watch on Iplayer (UK TV on demand). My heart was beating as I took down the numbers. The first one I looked at was the clothes and I was to fully dress as a female. The I converted the numbers to co-ordinates and found I would be just off a main road in a field.
I can't tell from Google Earth if I will be seen from the road yet. Look forward to saturday.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My wife

We have been together for many years and she has joined in with my love of getting messy. She is not as keen as myself but takes part and enjoys most of our sessions. Although she knows of my cross dressing and reluctantly accepts it she is not happy to see me dressed although she has bought me the odd item of clothing.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lottery dare

I have been given a dare to do which relies on the British lottery numbers (Six balls 1-49 and a bonus ball 1-49). It is the first try so it has been kept simple.
I have picked an area on Google maps not too far from my home and given the location. The first lottery number drawn will provide a Northing and the second one will provide a Westing. (I won't bother you with how it is worked out). The rest of the numbers are disregarded for now. The bonus ball will pick the clothes I have to wear ranging from naked to fully dressed as a male or female. I then have to take a picture of myself as near to the location as possible.
The area covers both countryside and villages so I could end up with a picture of me naked in the village centre. I am very nervous but excited. The draw is tomorrow night and the picture will be taken on Saturday.


I am a male who is into cross dressing as well as other things. I have always liked getting messy and wet and love to see nicely dressed women doing the same. However not many women I know want to get wet or messy so I started cross dressing and pretending I was the woman getting messy.
Gradually I began to enjoy just dressing as a woman. I have no interest in sex with other men and remain totally heterosexual but more of my interests have turned to things that involve dressing in nice female clothes.
Recently I have also got involved in the dare scene and like to combine this with cross dressing when I can.
Through this blog I hope to share some of my experiences, my successes and my failures. I hope you enjoy reading and maybe feel some of the sexual satisfaction that I get.