Thursday, 13 September 2012

 I have never done anything this risky before. I had gone out with the plan of going swimming fully clothed. However all the places I went to were populated so I cam home frustrated. Nothing for it but to go out into my front garden with the hosepipe. Not only are we overlooked from all sides but anyone walking along the pavement could see me.

The video can be seen here


I had just bought a new skirt and my wife bought me a skirt (Wow). I had also got some new heels so when the opportunity came to travel up the A1 I took some clothes with me.
When I got to the lane I'd picked there was already a small van parked there. As I walked down to young women wearing very little jumped into the van. After I had walked past they drove off. I would love to have known what they were doing!

My first outfit was a silk shirt with my new chiffon skirt and a pair of black slingbacks.

I know I was definitely seen as a number of trucks blew their horns.

The second outfit was a thin chiffon blouse, my new expensive satin skirt and a pair of strappy studded heels.

The video can be seen here

Walk in the rain

It was cold and damp but that wasn't going to stop me going for a walk. Underwear, stockings, boots, a chiffon skirt, silk blouse and a raincoat was all I needed.

As you can see I walked quite a way but didn't want to risk leaving my camera as the road was close behind the car.

On the way back I took off my raincoat as it had stopped raining. Then I heard the police helicopter approaching so I kept my head down and returned to the car.

Once the helicopter had left I went back to paddle in the water.

Trouble is I couldn't resist dropping my skirt in the water ignoring the temperature.

Then back to the car.

As I was driving awa, still dressed, it started to rain again so I risked all and went and stood in the rain.


I needed to get out in the fresh air again so I packed some clothes and headed for a lane turning nearby. I got dressed sluttily and went for a walk towards the railway line.

As I approached the bell sounded heralding the arrival of a train. At first I was all set to run back to the car but minstead I stood my ground.

That was a buzz. Now back to the car.

I slipped on a silk blouse and black skirt and headed back to see if there were any more trains.

Unfrtunately there weren't so I walked the other way towards the road.

Much more traffic here. It was great. I stood there for some time watching the traffic go past. One or two looked my way but very few.

The video can be seen here


I was bored and so I decided to dress up. On went black undies, stockings, shoes and skirt along with a white blouse and long red nails.

However that wasn't enough for me and so out came a pot of yellow paint. The first bit was almost the best coating my watch and those nails.

After that it was straight in the shower. It all washed off thank goodness.

The video can be seen here