Saturday, 19 April 2014

Out for a drive

I decided it was time to get out again so early one Sunday morning I went out dressed as a female. I drove about 20 miles along main roads and got seen by number of drivers although they had no idea what I was actually wearing.
Now things didn't go as I planned and I should have learnt a lesson from the beginning. The first thing to happen was the suspender braking on the basque. Then a brand new pair of stockings laddered as I put them on. I should have stopped but I carried on.
I had found a spot at the entrance to a business park on a very overgrown footpath so I thought that there would be no traffic that early on Sunday morning and certainly no walkers as the footpath was well away from anywhere.

When I arrived I was wearing a short pink lace skirt, a tight red cotton blouse, a black basque and matching thong, black stockings, black boots and a short raincoat. I purposely made an unladylike exit from the car for the benefit of my viewers.

The footpath goes off into the distance which is relevant later. I then walked away from the car as planned to let the viewers see my outfit.

Then I walked the other way down the footpath towards the entrance to the business park.

I must admit to being very tempted but I had nothing to clean up with.
Then it was back to the car to change. Having seen what was nearby I chose some clothes I would love to ruin in that sort of mess. However, whilst changing I ruined the stockings and put a big muddy stain on the white skirt. Anyway here is where I would like to play.

And this is the sort of outfit to wear.

A lovely chiffon skirt lined in silk and ideally a matching white silk blouse. The heels are my absolute favourite stilettos.

Underneath a white lace basque and matching lace knickers.

I was just about to undo the blouse to show the basque when I heard voices. At first I thought I was hearing things but suddenly round the corner from the business park came a couple and their dog. I had nowhere to hide so I just grabbed the camera and ran back to the car. I drove out past them s quickly as I dare given the rough ground. As it happened it was probably just as well as a security van arrived as I got the gate and I didn't want to explain what I was doing.
I relaxed as I drove away and realised how close it had been. I drove down the A1 for a bit before deciding it was time to change back into male clothes. I pulled into a layby off the road and stripped off the shoes, the blouse and skirt. At that moment a car pulled in behind me and a guy got out. He lit a cigarette and started to walk forward. I quickly started up and drove off but now wearing the basque, knickers and stockings.
A couple of cars overtook me and the woman in the passenger seat of one must have wondered what she was looking at. However the next layby stayed empty and I was able to finish changing. Not a particularly good outing.

Can't stop ripping

My wife had gone out and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Not having anything messy to play I decided to make another ripping video for my friend.

As usual I started in my normal clothes and used the iPad to pick the outfit.

The outfit chosen was risky. The top was a nice satin top but it was okay if it went. The skirt was silk and had actually been bought by my wife for me. It's original cost was £70. Not happy if that went. The boots were indestructible and I had no idea how they would get destroyed if selected. The undies were a pink camisole, red lace knickers and black tights which were okay to lose as well.

In fact the only thing to get selected for destruction were the tights.

Felling I had not put on a shoes I went mad and selected a pair of my wife's summer heels. Now she had never worn these but might miss them if she went looking for them. I also chose a brand new white zip front basque and  a new set of undies to wear.
Needless to say they all got chosen for destruction. I always try to follow through otherwise its not the risk I like so the first to go were those new shoes. then the basque and finally the undies.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

To the rescue

Another silly story as an excuse to get wet.
The story goes that Davina is on her way to a party dressed in silk and satin over a black basque, black thong, black stocking and black ankle strap heels.

From the bridge she sees what she thinks is a body floating in the water.

She runs to help.

She has to climb a gate to get there

Showing more than she should do as a lady

She runs along the bank until she can get near the water.

The body isn't in the stills but watch the video for the full effect.

She doesn't worry about her gorgeous heels as she wades through the mud into the water.

Only then does she realise it was a blow up doll and so she turns to get out thankfully saving her clothes from a soaking.

What she doesn't see until it is too late is the deep part of the lake.

Down she goes. I must admit I had no idea how deep this was but it worked out just fine.

Now her clothes are soaked.

And it is a soggy walk back to the road.

The clothes were sticking to her so she had to pull the skirt up to get over the gate.

Ringing out the water she decided to carry on to the party anyway.