Saturday, 29 June 2013


I have always wanted to try something with a swimsuit and swimming seemed the obvious choice. The story goes that Davina comes home hot from work and grabs her suit and heads out for a swim.
The reality was an early start for me to avoid walkers and fishermen.
Having got dressed I walked a distance up the track to start Davina's walk.

And down to my new favourite spot on the canal.

As the story says, she wouldn't want to swim in her new leather skirt, white blouse and heels. In truth I didn't want to either. The skirt is new and the heels won't survive too many soakings and are really comfortable.

But there is no way I'm walking into the water without shoes on so on with a pair of flats. Now in the video I say they are designer shoes. They're not but originally cost quite a lot so it's partially true.

Then it's off with the clothes to reveal the swimsuit.

Although it is just after 5am the water was surprisingly warm.

What you can't see is the concrete stops here and the bottom is just thick silt and grabbing at my shoes.

I didn't swim too far.

Then it was out again.

A brisk rub down.

Back on with the top clothes.

And off with the wet shoes which I suddenly decided to throw back in the canal.

On with the heels.

And back up the track. I did in fact walk quite some way up the track but was stopped when a car slowed down as if he was going to turn in.

Another day out

The weather forecast said we could expect rain so I decided I could go out and hide my not so convincing looks behind an umbrella. Well I put on a raincoat over my black dress and headed out to find the rain. It never rained all afternoon but I didn't let that stop me doing some walking but not as daring as I'd planned.
I decided to go to a trading estate first of all where there was little chance of people being around on a Saturday. The first thing that happened was getting stuck at a level crossing. Nothing I could do as pedestrians passed by and cyclist stopped alongside. Luckily they were all looking down on me so couldn't see my face. Then on to the estate.
I had just parked up when this car arrived. I had no idea where it was going but I got out to have a look. It turned out to be an entrance to some playing fields so i knew I could expect more traffic. Didn't stop me though.

Then I parked at the side of a village road. For some reason I'm not confident getting in and out of the car when traffic is around so I waited for a gap in the traffic. Once a gap appeared I got out and not a single car passed after that. I couldn't wander up and down too long as a guy in one of the gardens kept looking and the fellow in the distance loading his car kept looking up the street.

As there was still no sign of rain I plucked up courage to go to the local station. It has a small car park with a long drive and the one gate in to the platforms. If someone comes I would have to go out past them.

It seemed a very long walk down the platform.

Luckily no one in the shelter which I couldn't confirm until I actually got there.

The dress didn't cover much when I stretched up!

Maybe this is why I don't like cars passing as I get in or out. Not very ladylike!

I went back to another part of the trading estate, parked up and was just going to get out when this car arrived.

I decided I would get out anyway.

You can see by the sky that it ought to rain but all we got was a few spots so off with the raincoat.

A suspender came undone.

Then I thought, why not, and removed the dress as well.

Friday, 14 June 2013

A bit damp

This was what I planned to film dressed in office clothes. Instead I got wet and it was published under 'Change of plans'.
Now the tent had gone I got the chance to try out the mud.
Here we see Davina walking home before taking a shortcut through the forest. Dressed in matching bra and thong, a white wool top, skinny jeans and high heeled boots.

It turned out to be a bit damper than planned but luckily she had her boots on.

Thankfully the path dried out.

Oh no. The footpath is flooded.

Too late to turn back so she would have to rely on her boots keeping her dry.

Don't use the branch to steady you as it might break.

Too late!

Now her boots are stuck in the mud.

Eventually she made it to the other side.

And carried on home.

This is a great location and I hope to be able to use it again. The mud is lovely and deep but not too sticky so cleaning up is easier. Especially as it is a fifteen minute walk to the car so cannot carry water. Also fun walking back with a big bag of wet and muddy clothes.

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