Thursday, 2 February 2012

National lottery dare - with a twist

Here is another messy session with a twist. As I mentioned before the clothes and mess were pre-picked and posted on Flickr so I couldn't cheat. However this time I put three different dares inside the three handbags that could be chosen. I had no idea which would be picked. Anyway here I am dressed up in my clean clothes.

And inside the handbag were the clothes I had to wear to clear up.

So lets start with filling the handbag with tomato ketchup. Always guaranteed to ruin the inside of a bag.

Next some yellow and red paint down my stockings which then ran down over those gorgeous studded spike heels.

Then ketchup and mayo inside the blouse and knickers

Then time for one of my favourites, treacle.

Followed by custard over the skirt

Then more ketchup in the knickers

Time for the hair and what better than paint

Mustn't forget the back of the knickers

Then time to rub it all over to make sure everywhere is covered.

Then it's time to go upstairs and have a good shoer and shampoo to get rid of all the mess. Then sit down and put on fresh make-up before getting dressed in my iwfe's satin dress and knickers. Downstairs and it's time to start clearing up making sure I keep the dress well away from the mess.

The dangers of going barefoot on messy lino is you can slip, and I did.

No way the satin is going to clean so might as well get it messy.

And as it's ruined might as well rip it off as I love the sound of ripping satin.

And the knickers might as well get messed and ripped.