Thursday, 10 January 2013


The Splosh website started a Dressember for CD's to do something messy so I thought I ought to play the part. I decided Davina could do some cookery showing how to prepare a three course meal easily and with no mess (right!). We start with Davina in her best suit.

We start with some nibbles. Little sticks of celery with some ketchup dip and some mayo dip.

Opps. A bit too much but never mind it will wipe up and nothing on the suit.

 Next some cooked pasta in a tomato sauce. Plenty of sauce for that rich taste. Again a few drops on the floor but nothing on the suit.

 Now we start on the cake. A simple sponge base covered in two jars of raspberry jam. Followed by a block of ice cream. Then another sponge covered in two jars of lemon curd. Then another  block of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. What could possible go wrong?

 A little ice cream on her new shoes (actually are new shoes bought especially for this sequence as a request from a viewer who also picked the clothes) but it soon wipes off.

 Next come the home baked bread. I left it proving in the oven but when I turned it out onto the floured board it seemed a little wet.

 Oh dear more on the shoes and some flour on the front of the skirt but most of it cleaned off.

 Now I made some whipped egg whites for a meringue and I will show you how stiff they are by holding the bowl over my head.

 Oh dear. I seem to have made a mess. Oh well in that case I might as well carry on and use everything.

What a mess. It took a long time to clear up the kitchen. Needless to say I got a bit more messy whilst doing it but that's another story.

Another random messing

I decided to have another go at getting messy based on random numbers. Again I used the Euro Lottery to pick the numbers and I published the clothes and mess on Flickr so there was to be no cheating. 
The clothes were a white dress I had bought for something else and I wasn't bothered about that getting ruined. The undies were a black camisole and lace undies which were fine along with black stockings and suspenders. However the shoes were new boots with fur linings. Not only comfortable but easy to walk in and I was sad if they got damaged. However that's the point of these things so off we go.

After that the clothes all got destroyed but you don't want to see that do you?