Friday, 30 December 2011


I was looking outside and noticed how wet and muddy it was and wondered what I could wear to go out for a nice country walk. So I set about looking on the web for some clothes.
Firstly some undies.

Then some shoes

And finally a dress.

Would anyone like to go for a walk with me?

Seriously I would love to bid on one of these dresses from China. Imagine having a dress custom made just for me. The thought of wearing that dress turns me on. Imagine the feeling of wading into waist deep mud! Ooooooh!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Not to everyones taste

This is a warning that cow poo makes an appearance in this story so be warned.

Again I like a story and on this occasion Davina is coming home from a party when she sees something going on in a field. She stops the car and goes to investigate

Unfortunately the sun is in her eyes.

So she decides to climb over the gate to investigate. This is made more difficult by her tight wool dress which she has to pull up out of the way. Her silver heels aren't much of a help either!

Once in the field the sun is still in her eyes and so she doesn't see what is underfoot until it's too late.

 Disgusted she looks around and sees a water trough. She decides to clean her shoe in the water.

Luckily she realises this is the animals drinking water and so stops before dipping her shoe in it. Putting the shoe back on she steps back and slips off the concrete. She sits right in some more poo. As it seeps into her knickers she gets up and rushes back to the car.
Again the sun is in her eyes and stumbles and falls into yet more poo.

Gaining her feet she puts her other shoe in the same poo.

This is all too much for Davina and she hurries to get back to the car. Ruining her stockings in her haste to climb the gate.

Reaching her home she jumps in the shower forgetting to remove even her dress watch. Needless to say that even if the cow poo hadn't ruined her dress and shoes the hot water did just that. An expensive end to her party night.

Here is a Google Earth link to the place I used if anyone wants to visit.

Let me know if you want me to join you there.

Out in public again

This time I plucked up the courage to let myself be seen. I actually got dressed in my underwear and even put on make up and nail polish before going out of the house. I drove to a nearby gateway and completed the dressing before driving as a female about 400 yards to a layby where I got out of the car.

I waited, pretending to phone, whilst a number of cars came by but lost my nerve when a car pulled into the layby so I got in the car and drove away.
I planned to drive a little way and change but could not find anywhere suitable and ended up driving through a village dressed as a female. I was worried about having to stop but when I did the couple walking past didn't even give me a second look.
Eventually I found somewhere quieter and stopped to change. However I took the opportunity to film a little more before changing.

For those of you with Google Earth I started here 52°50'38.36"N 0°47'36.70"W and then I drove 4 miles to here 52°53'28.23"N 0°49'27.49"W


I decided to see what I looked like with a female body and so Photoshop came to the rescue.

More random number destruction

I was asked by someone to do some more destruction based on random numbers so I picked some clothes and set about doing just that.
I actually got six outfits and picked them using the roll of a dice. I won't go through them all for you but here is the outfit that won, if that's the right word.

Then the fate of each item of clothing was decided on the flip of a coin. First off was the blouse and it survived as did the bra.

Next came the skirt. This was not so lucky and I was devastated as it was very expensive silk and felt gorgeous on my legs. However I always go through with these dares and so it had to go.

Next came the long sparkly boots. These too went under the scissors. Shame because they looked so sexy.

The tights were next and ruining them was not so worrying.

Finally the black knickers were ripped to pieces. They actually matched the bra so I no longer had the set.

Now I should have stopped there but I was so turned on I decided to pick another outfit.

Again the blouse survived the toss of the coin and I didn't have a bra. The skirt was next and although it was an expensive lined skirt it wasn't my style so I wasn't too bothered about its demise.

What came next really upset me as I had bought these studded heels off the internet and really loved them. I felt so good in them and had worn them outside on my first trip. However I promised and so they got cut to pieces.

The tights survived this time but the little pink lace knickers didn't.

Monday, 26 December 2011

More elaboarate stories

As I've mentioned before, I like to have a story to my sessions and this time I was going to do a video using a computer generated female who controls me. I haven't finished the video from the animation side but this is the bits of humans. You will see that it goes way over the top as usual.
It starts with me as a male eating some soup (or should that be drinking?) when the female appears.

I make a comment to myself about how no woman could control me based on something I was reading. She appears and says she can make me do anything. We argue and I agree to her trying. The very first thing she makes me do is take off my glasses and mangle the frames.

Then she gets me to splash tomato soup over my white shirt.

Then she makes me fetch a hammer and smash my glass and plate soaking my trousers in juice and soup.

She then allows me to go off and wash and change. When I come back I tell her I have put on old clothes in case she wants to play some more.

No, that is not what she wants and she makes me go off and get some of my wifes dresses to show her.

Picking the long pink one she makes me put it on much against my will (Not!). However when I go to take off my own clothes she insists on them being destroyed.

I then put on the dress which I hate!

She then makes me get out the tuna, tomato and pasta snack meals from the cupboard and makes me wipe them all over the lovely dress.

Then to my horror she insists on the dress being torn off!

Not finished with me she then sends me off to wash and change. This time into a full set of my wifes clothes.

Making me take a whole tub of margarine from the fridge I then have to spread it all over my clothes including those nice suede heels. Horrible!