Thursday, 16 May 2013

The burglar

 I love a story to my mess and destruction and so I came up with this.
A burglar is casing the houses when he arrives at Davina's house. When he looks through tyhe window he is in for a surprise.

 It turns out she is not what she seems. He decides to have some fun with her.

 He breaks in and gets a knife before waiting for Davina to reappear in the kitchen.

 When she sees him she tries to run but he calls her back with the threat of the knife.

He tells her to go and put on something more female then when she changes he gets her to get a of water. To do so she has to pass him.

Then he gets her to pour the water over her clothes soaking everything.

Next he makes her change into her office clothes.

He gets her to fill her tights with eggs before breaking them.

Then he gets her to pour custard over her clothes.

He tells her to put back on her clothes she was wearing to start with and clean up the water, eggs and custard by using some of her undies.

He even makes her take off her nice jumper to use to clean up.

 The last set of clothes is her nice new evening dress and new undies.

These he gets her to cut and rip to pieces.

Oh dear what a state she is as he leaves, laughing.

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