Friday, 17 May 2013

Getting braver

 Well I finally plucked up the courage to go out fully dressed. And I mean go out of my house and drive away fully dressed. Not a single item of male clothing with me. As you can see it was raining but that didn't deter me. First stop was beside a main road but I didn't stop long.

Then to a quieter spot where I walked over to chat to the sheep.

And the inevitable flash!

Another location. Again a quiet road but there is a tearoom and gift shop nearby so quite a bit of traffic.

Over the canal bridge on the left is the tearoom but I couldn't resist going over.

I even walked to the canal edge. Tempting to go in but as I said I had nothing else with me to wear.

Then I drove home. It is difficult to show with pictures but you can see I still have lipstick and wig on and that is a house out the window.

Here I am getting out of the car with the house opposite showing.

I was so charged up I even took the rubbish out fully dressed.

What I find odd is that I find it difficult to get too near the public when I am out yet I risk being seen by the neighbours who would recognise me instantly. I wish i could explain my brain!

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