Thursday, 16 May 2013

Slapstick film

 I am making a video explaining different aspects of slapstick mess and I spent a day filming a few different things so I thought I'd post some pics. Most are self explanatory really.
We start with a couple of shots pouring spaghetti down my blouse.


 Then a tin of bolognese sauce which definitely looks like something gross but trust me it is just meat sauce.

 Then a nice squidgy cheesecake to the bust

 Followed by sitting on a fruit pie in a once white skirt

 Then some shaving cream custard pies

A firm favourite is custard poured down the cleavage.

 My favourite is sliding a nylon covered foot into a gorgeous heel filled with custard.

 Still on a slapstick theme is filling the underwear drawers with custard.

 A box filled with porridge. Well, not filled exactly but good enough. I might buy some more next time.

 I couldn't let the porridge go to waste so I got changed and did it again.

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