Thursday, 30 May 2013

What you wear

I only had a short time to grab some clothes and go out and film this as my wife was only out for an hour. This is normally when things go wrong but thankfully not this time.
It was cool and damp so, like most women, I dressed sensibly in jumper, skirt and raincoat for my walk.

 However that isn't me so off with the coat which is casually discard on the road.

 Then off with the jumper

 And finally the skirt revealing the clothes I like to wear. Mind you it was cold!

 Coming back I collected the clothes

 Then threw them into the verge. So wasteful!

 And then on up the road

Stopping to do my bending excercises

I had dressed in the underwear before leaving home and removed my male clothes and put on the female ones in the car. I had just removed the male clothes and put on the shoes when a white van came up the road. At first I went to cover up but then decided just to turn my face away. No idea what they saw but they didn't stop thankfully.