Saturday, 18 May 2013

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Spurred on by my last outing I decided to go to our local superstore, well at least the car park. I had thought about it a few times before but always chickened out.
I put on my favourite basque, knickers and stockings before dressing as a male. No point in risking a sighting at home but I did add make-up! Once out in the country I stopped and finished changing. A loose top, a long skirt, suede high heeled ankle boots, a coat and wig.
I nearly chickened out at the store as it was really busy but I parked up and set the video camera to capture my walk. Disaster! I had left the battery at home. I had been using the camera earlier on mains power and forgotten to replace the battery. So I'm afraid no record of my trip.
Anyway not to spoil the trip I did get out of the car and have a walk round but not as far as I had planned.
I then drove back and stopped a number of times by the roadside and walked around but no one saw me.
Then I approached our local canal and I parked up nearby. For those who are interested you can copy and paste the co-ordinates into Google Earth to see where I went - 52°54'18.98"N  0°43'17.21"W. Also if anyone is interested here is my parking place at the store  52°56'40.49"N  0°40'39.66"W. There was no one around so I walked down the path opposite to the canal and a little way along the canal (about 150 yards). What stopped me more than anything was the ground being soft and my nice heels sinking in. I turned and walked back to the car and was about half way back when I heard a jogger approaching from behind. Nothing for it but to carry on. He came past me and glanced over but carried on. I assume he didn't guess as when he got to the road he turned right back over the bridge and could easily have taken a second look but didn't. I know I am not that convincing from the front which is why I am so nervous about going out but he didn't seem to notice, or didn't care.
Anyway I shall try again at the store and try to remember the battery! 

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