Friday, 31 May 2013

Male recce

I have been set a dare/challenge by someone and he found what he thought was a perfect spot so I went out to see if he was right. He found a report of a slippy, muddy path and watch out for the barbed wire.
The challenge is for Davina to drive somewhere and have to stop for a pee. The only place is through some strands of barbed wire. She rips her clothes getting through then falls in the mud while having a pee. Coming back through another section of barbed wire she has to crawl under through the mud but still ripping more.
Quite a challenge to film and even more to find the right location or locations.
Anyway, here's what happened.
here I am at the start of the walk to the location. In itself a challenge for Davina.

After a very short time the mud was building up on the white trainers.

Now halfway across the first field. The trees in the distance are the start of the path. The hedge marks the start of the second field.

Still a long way to go

Here we are at the start of the path

When I got to the spot all the barbed wire was covered in a layer of brambles and bushes.

The path was muddy if you were walking and being clay was slippy because it was wet. However it was less than an inch deep. Not proper mud!

Further along I did find some barbed wire which was accessible alongside a ditch. Perfect I thought.

But the bottom of the ditch was almost dry. probably muddy when it rains a lot.

 Even the path by the ditch was dry. Back to the drawing board.

However I did find this which looks very inviting.

However it is on a very exposed footpath with nowhere to hide. Will need some courage to use this.

This was the only sort of muddy bit I could find and again no cover.

Still I had to try it out even though it was mainly water.

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