Thursday, 23 May 2013

Canal Walk

Here is a tale of Davina.

She decided to go for a barefoot walk along the canal. That clingy dress is very short! Good job it's a warm day.

See what happens when she stretches her arms. Oh dear, maybe she should have worn something else?

Anyway, she pulled down the dress and continued her walk.

Oh look what she can see in the field. She couldn't resist.

The poo felt lovely and warm around her toes.

Time to wash her feet in the canal.

Having stopped to buy a roll for lunch she continued her walk along the towpath.

She stopped on the bridge to watch the swans whilst she ate her food.

She must remember not to stretch!

On she went along the canal

Then through a hole in the hedge she managed to find some grass to sit down and finish her food.

Feeling full she went back towards the towpath.

It was so warm she decided to remove her little dress and throw it away

Back over the bridge she went feeling much cooler

Over the gate

And on up the path to the hills

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