Monday, 26 May 2014

A change of format

Trying to show that I do not cheat on my clothes destruction I changed the way the clothes are picked. I publish the clothes on Photobucket and then use the Euro Lottery to pick the clothes, the destruction and even bonus items. This way anyone can check the clothes and the result.
Here is the result of the first go. The shoes were fine by me as they were fairly flat and getting a bit tired. The new black stockings were okay but I find they are getting more expensive to buy. The new black suspender belt was a shame because they are more difficult to buy. The black lace bra was okay as it was not new. The little black dress was not okay as I like it. The bonus item of the raincoat was definitely not okay as I really liked it and had worn it outside a number of times. However I always follow through so it was time for the scissors.

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