Saturday, 19 April 2014

Can't stop ripping

My wife had gone out and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Not having anything messy to play I decided to make another ripping video for my friend.

As usual I started in my normal clothes and used the iPad to pick the outfit.

The outfit chosen was risky. The top was a nice satin top but it was okay if it went. The skirt was silk and had actually been bought by my wife for me. It's original cost was £70. Not happy if that went. The boots were indestructible and I had no idea how they would get destroyed if selected. The undies were a pink camisole, red lace knickers and black tights which were okay to lose as well.

In fact the only thing to get selected for destruction were the tights.

Felling I had not put on a shoes I went mad and selected a pair of my wife's summer heels. Now she had never worn these but might miss them if she went looking for them. I also chose a brand new white zip front basque and  a new set of undies to wear.
Needless to say they all got chosen for destruction. I always try to follow through otherwise its not the risk I like so the first to go were those new shoes. then the basque and finally the undies.

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