Friday, 27 January 2012

The party

You know by now I like stories to my filming and this is just such an occasion. I must apologise for the quality of the pictures as there was no artificial lighting this time.
Davina had held a party at her house and this was the morning after. She was dressed in her usual sluttly clothes and was on her way to the bathroom

As she lifted the toilet seat what a sight she saw.

(Don't panic, it's not real!!). What a mess someone had made of the toilet and now she will have to clean it.

Maybe she should have worn gloves!
Once the toilet was clean she headed downstairs to the kitchen. What a mess. Someone had been trying to cook last night and not cleared up.

Nothing else for it. Davina would have to clear this up as well.

All was going well until one of the eggs split and splashed over her skirt and stockings.

It also went all over the floor so she had to scrape it up into the bowl.

Then the bag of flour burst covering her legs and shoes in flour.

And it had gone all over her skirt. Time to try and scrape that off the floor as well.

As she stood up she put her hand on the open custard carton. It squirted custard all over the front of her skirt.

That was it. She had had enough. The clothes were ruined now so she just went mad with the remains of the soup over her head, the butter in her knickers and the treacle over her blouse.

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