Thursday, 26 January 2012

Serious mess

I was lucky enough to buy an expensive satin prom dress for next to nothing. The label inside said it retailed for £150 but I got it for £20. Certainly the most expensive item I had owned. Unfortunately, although it was meant to be my size, it didn't fit.

It looks OK in the picture above but no way could I do the zip up at the back. So I decided it would get trashed. As I thought about what to use I decided it ought to be something seriously messy and so I picked these.

I mixed the black enamel paint with the grease to make it even dirtier. The aerosol paint speaks for itself and the paint on the right is full gloss which only comes off with brush cleaner or some other solvent.

I started with the aerosol paint which didn't make the mess I was hoping so I moved on.

The black enamel paint mixed with grease was perfect and it took a lot of willpower not to rub it all over my body.

The yellow gloss paint was great and made a lovely mess much to my enjoyment.

Then it was time to start cutting and ripping. There was an awful lot of material as there was a satin lining as well. It was also well made and took some time to destroy.

As you can see very little came through the dress and the new underwear was saved for another day.

Here are the remains of a great session. What paint that had made ot to my body took ages to get off but I really want to do this again. The only problem is holding back on getting too much on myself.

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