Friday, 27 January 2012


Had a good time shopping over the holidays and through the sales. Apart from ebay I got some bargains at a site called in th UK. I got two pairs of knickers, one pair of wicked shoes and a skirt.

A bargain, well I think so. I also got two pairs of shoes off ebay. Both kitten heels. I was worried about the bronze ones as they are actually a size smaller but they fitted fine.

On ebay I bought some clothes and you can see them here teamed with the shoes and skirt from above.

 I also bought some clothes in the shops before Christmas. I did a sequence using two identical sets of clothes which you can see here
I decided to try to do something with identical clothes again so I bought three identical sets of clothes. I thought of just having options for mess down one side and the result shown when you click but if anyone has other ideas let me know.

I thought I would show you my wardrobe now it has grown.

I also thought I would show you all the clothes that are going to be destroyed by next week. Someone on line wants to destroy things to order so this is the pile. Denim skirt, fine wool jumper, satin slips, bras and knickers.

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