Saturday, 29 June 2013


I have always wanted to try something with a swimsuit and swimming seemed the obvious choice. The story goes that Davina comes home hot from work and grabs her suit and heads out for a swim.
The reality was an early start for me to avoid walkers and fishermen.
Having got dressed I walked a distance up the track to start Davina's walk.

And down to my new favourite spot on the canal.

As the story says, she wouldn't want to swim in her new leather skirt, white blouse and heels. In truth I didn't want to either. The skirt is new and the heels won't survive too many soakings and are really comfortable.

But there is no way I'm walking into the water without shoes on so on with a pair of flats. Now in the video I say they are designer shoes. They're not but originally cost quite a lot so it's partially true.

Then it's off with the clothes to reveal the swimsuit.

Although it is just after 5am the water was surprisingly warm.

What you can't see is the concrete stops here and the bottom is just thick silt and grabbing at my shoes.

I didn't swim too far.

Then it was out again.

A brisk rub down.

Back on with the top clothes.

And off with the wet shoes which I suddenly decided to throw back in the canal.

On with the heels.

And back up the track. I did in fact walk quite some way up the track but was stopped when a car slowed down as if he was going to turn in.

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