Sunday, 9 June 2013

In the canal

I found this location whilst out walking and loved the fact there was a ramp into the canal and I could get the car nearby. However on the two occasions I visited there were fishermen. Eventually I got up nice and early and here is the result.
The story is that Davina comes here to meet her lover but he is late and she texts him. Not paying attention she falls in.
On the day it was nice to go somewhere that was relatively secluded. I knew I would hear any cars approaching. My only concern was if an early morning dog walker or jogger came along the canal bank. Still no point in worrying.
Here she is walking down the road.

And arriving at the canal side.


And walking.

And balancing

And falling. I took a bit of risk not knowing how deep it was at this point and also what was under the water but knowing it to be a ramp I felt reasonably safe.

It was deeper than I expected but just as cold as it looked.

And here she is walking home.

I really enjoyed this session and even the new suede heels seem to have survived.

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