Sunday, 9 June 2013

Household chores

I decided to just string some filming together and push my public limits again. I started by going out from home in full female clothes. I drove to the first location.

As you can see I was respectably dressed in a matching top and skirt with a raincoat over.

I didn't stay that way for long and stripped off to my underwear.

I nearly got caught by a tanker driver and I got my t-shirt on but as he looked down into my car he would have seen the stockings and boots. I got back out only to see a Mercedes coming from behind and jumped back in. I'm sure he saw me because he pulled into the next passing place and started walking back. However I made my getaway.
next I went home and improvised things. Firstly going out to the garage. I didn't see the neighbour over the road until I was out but luckily he had his back to me.

Next cleaning the kitchen floor. All these tasks were genuine. I had to do them anyway but dressing up for them was more fun.

Taking the rubbish out.

Cleaing the toilet with a new pair of knickers.

And the sink with another pair.

Followed by drying it with a sweater.

Then a bit about 'accidentally' spilling a tiny amount of food on my partners chiffon blouse.

And washing it

And ironing it.

Then cleaning and filling the bird water bowl. This took some time just standing there in full view.

Finally out into the garden in full view of neighbours and anyone walking along the pavement. The skirt is new which is why there is a tag over my bottom!


  1. please make your wonderful stories at wtanmse available again, even if only as a complete zip file

    1. I am working on this but I cannot afford to pay for my old site so I am on a free one which has limited storage. As soon as I can I will put at least some of the stories back.