Saturday, 29 June 2013

Another day out

The weather forecast said we could expect rain so I decided I could go out and hide my not so convincing looks behind an umbrella. Well I put on a raincoat over my black dress and headed out to find the rain. It never rained all afternoon but I didn't let that stop me doing some walking but not as daring as I'd planned.
I decided to go to a trading estate first of all where there was little chance of people being around on a Saturday. The first thing that happened was getting stuck at a level crossing. Nothing I could do as pedestrians passed by and cyclist stopped alongside. Luckily they were all looking down on me so couldn't see my face. Then on to the estate.
I had just parked up when this car arrived. I had no idea where it was going but I got out to have a look. It turned out to be an entrance to some playing fields so i knew I could expect more traffic. Didn't stop me though.

Then I parked at the side of a village road. For some reason I'm not confident getting in and out of the car when traffic is around so I waited for a gap in the traffic. Once a gap appeared I got out and not a single car passed after that. I couldn't wander up and down too long as a guy in one of the gardens kept looking and the fellow in the distance loading his car kept looking up the street.

As there was still no sign of rain I plucked up courage to go to the local station. It has a small car park with a long drive and the one gate in to the platforms. If someone comes I would have to go out past them.

It seemed a very long walk down the platform.

Luckily no one in the shelter which I couldn't confirm until I actually got there.

The dress didn't cover much when I stretched up!

Maybe this is why I don't like cars passing as I get in or out. Not very ladylike!

I went back to another part of the trading estate, parked up and was just going to get out when this car arrived.

I decided I would get out anyway.

You can see by the sky that it ought to rain but all we got was a few spots so off with the raincoat.

A suspender came undone.

Then I thought, why not, and removed the dress as well.

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