Sunday, 9 June 2013

Change of plans

This was meant to be a session in the mud. I had found a small wood near the canal with some nice mud. I walked there and got ready to finish changing. I then decided to move slightly deeper into the wood to my finish point and I'm glad I did. Lo and behold a large tent was there. It hadn't been there the day before but I crept away as quietly as I could. So all dressed up and no mud so I reverted to the canal.
The story was Davina decided to get wet. (not much of a plot!).
I found a gap in the hedge and went into the field to dress. The location was on a bend but I was hopeful for some peace and quiet.

For safety I didn't jump in as there can be bikes and other metal objects in the canal. I felt my lovely heels sink into about a foot of black silt. I would love to have been in that without the water but I had no cleaning materials with me and was reliant on the canal water.

The jacket going in the canal was an afterthought.

I walked quite a way up the canal path with my heart pounding as there a lot of early morning fishermen about.

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