Saturday, 12 April 2014

To the rescue

Another silly story as an excuse to get wet.
The story goes that Davina is on her way to a party dressed in silk and satin over a black basque, black thong, black stocking and black ankle strap heels.

From the bridge she sees what she thinks is a body floating in the water.

She runs to help.

She has to climb a gate to get there

Showing more than she should do as a lady

She runs along the bank until she can get near the water.

The body isn't in the stills but watch the video for the full effect.

She doesn't worry about her gorgeous heels as she wades through the mud into the water.

Only then does she realise it was a blow up doll and so she turns to get out thankfully saving her clothes from a soaking.

What she doesn't see until it is too late is the deep part of the lake.

Down she goes. I must admit I had no idea how deep this was but it worked out just fine.

Now her clothes are soaked.

And it is a soggy walk back to the road.

The clothes were sticking to her so she had to pull the skirt up to get over the gate.

Ringing out the water she decided to carry on to the party anyway.

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