Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Russian roulette mess and destruction

I wanted to post something to Youtube for those who follow my videos and so I came up with an idea to add some danger to a messy session.
Firstly I chose four outfits which you can see here laid out on the bed. Now, for me, there is n fun to this game if you pick four sets of old worn out clothes, so I didn't. I wore the outfits in order from the nearest to the furthest without knowing their fate. The four chosen fates were water, custard, paint and scissors. Now that meant the water set would survive pretty much intact. The custard set should wash clean. The paint set may very well wash as it was kids poster paint. The set subjected to the scissors definitely wouldn't survive.

here in details are the first set of clothes and if you click on the pictures you can examine them in detail. First was a new set of pink undies.

Then a white shirt/blouse.

A pair of white skinny jeans.

And a pair of black boots.

Here is the complete outfit.

I use a website called where you can create your own wheels to decide anything you like. this time the wheel had just the four choice and here you can see the iPad displaying the first choice, custard.

And so on went two litres of nice thick custard.

Including filling those boots.

I now had to clear up which involved hosing the plastic sheet in the garden. I didn't want to wash completely so took a quick shower to wash off the custard then slipped on jeans and a t-shirt and headed outside. I still wore the necklace, watch and make-up but hoped I would not be seen. All clean I was ready to move on.

So here we go with outfit two.

Another nice new set of undies.

A long satin blouse with a tie at the neck.

A denim mini skirt which is always nice to wear

Black tights and a really comfortable pair of black patent strappy heels.

 Well this had to come up. That was the whole point of it and it least it wasn't the fourth outfit which I was worried about. However I was going to be sad to lose the skirt and shoes.

I started with the blouse and off came that silly bow at the top.

There is something very arousing about the sound ripping satin makes.

Then came that nice denim mini skirt

This is where I got both aroused and sad as those nice patent heels were removed for the very last time. The straps are so thin and easy to cut but cutting them quickly turn the shoe into rubbish.

I then made sure they were ruined by cutting and tearing them to pieces.

Now it was the turn of the underwear. Firstly the little bow came off the front of the bra.

Then I followed my usual routine of stretching the shoulder straps before snipping through them.

Then a cut between the cups removed the bra before I cut it into pieces.

The tights are always nice to destroy and if you never do any destruction at least try a pair of tights.

Finally the knickers were snipped then torn to complete the destruction.

No clearing up to do this time just a change of clothes.

Yet another set of new undies

Black suspenders and stockings

A cotton silk blouse

And a faux leather skirt

These shoes are so comfortable for high heels that I was glad they hadn't been destroyed

 And this time it was water

It is only water but it still feels nice as it soaks through the clothes and underwear

And not forgetting to fill the shoes.

Then it was an easy matter to drag the wet sheet outside to pour the water away. In fact I went out dressed just as I was. Still dripping!

Then it was time for the last outfit and I already knew its fate.

The underwear was the one thing that I was worried about with the chance of it getting cut. It was expensive and fitted really well so I was loath to lose it. Having it get painted was okay as I had used paint before and the clothes survived. I also added some black stockings.

The satin skirt was lovely and full and rustled as I moved.

The shoes were brand new were destined for being teamed with some white clothes for a muddy fate. Being patent they should survive the paint.

So here we go. It always thrills me as the very first drop hits the clean clothing.

I made sure the back got coated as well.

Then the shoes and legs.

Finally the underwear got a good coating.

After a good clean up and a thorough washing I was devastated to find the underwear, the blouse and the shoes were all ruined. Obviously still wearable but not in pristine condition. In fact in the next blog you will see what happened to the underwear that very night.

And the video

Youtube video

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