Friday, 4 April 2014

Getting carried away

After my day filming the Russian roulette video I couldn't stop and so started another session with the scissors. I film them for one person but I am happy to share with others. I hope to bring back my website later this year and the videos will be on there for all to see.
Normally I get the computer to pick the clothes but this time, spurred on by wine, I picked the clothes myself. The white shirt was from the custard sequence now washed and dried. A new white cotton mini skirt went with the shirt and I wasn't too bothered about either of these being destroyed. However I had on a black basque which I didn't want destroyed along with black knickers, stockings and heels.

I then used my random wheel to decide the shirts fate.

It was a keep as was everything I was wearing. Now that was okay but I wanted to do something so I had also set up a wheel for lots of other things. I had borrowed a blouse, a pair of jeans and some heels from my wife's wardrobe and these formed part of my bonus wheel. Here is the list.
Cum on wife's blouse
Cum on wife's shoes
Cum on wife's jeans
Cum on hand and eat it (Makes me gag)
Cum in jeans
Destroy wife's shoes
Destroy red stained basque (from the earlier session)
Destroy red stained blouse (from earlier session)
Destroy silk skirt (from earlier session)
Destroy black lace dress (The one worn in the Fashion vid on YouTube)
Destroy wife's jeans, blouse & shoes
Destroy 3 pairs of knickers
Force pair of knickers up arse (Not sure I could do that!)
Eat part of knickers
I show you that list only to let you know how turned on I was but also how stupid some of the things were.
Anyway I spun the wheel and got this.


It was at this stage I decided to redress in the same clothes.

Another spin of the wheel for the blouse.

This time the blouse was to go.

The cotton made a lovely sound as it ripped.

The skirts fate was the same as for the blouse. First and last wear.

The rest of the clothes were a keep. Still frustrated I kept the same underwear and put on my wife's blouse and jeans.
A spin of the bonus wheel came next

It was to destroy my lovely basque and knickers worn earlier that day. They were stained forever but it was still a difficult decision as they were so nice (and not cheap!). So off came all the clothes.

And on went the nice undies. Followed by wife's blouse and jeans and my black heels.

Whilst deciding what to do before the undies were destroyed I remembered about destroying 3 pairs of knickers. Well I could certainly do one pair so out came a new thong.

And it was no more. Not even worn once.

Then madness arrived and all my clothes were systematically destroyed including my wife's.


A very expensive but satisfying day!

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