Saturday, 1 March 2014

Yet another ripping session

I appear to have really got hooked on this clothing destruction. I apologise to those who like to see me outside, wet or messy. As the weather improves I will try to get outside again.
What I have done now is to publish all my clothes to Box allowing people to check what I am picking and for me to randomly pick clothes.
Here are the six pages of clothes.

Using a random picker on my iPad I selected some clothes.

The first was a set of brand new undies.

Then a brand new suspender belt and stockings

Followed by a silk blouse.

A lined chiffon skirt.

And a pair of black patent sandals.

Then it was time to use the envelopes to decide the fate of the clothes.

First came the blouse which escaped the scissors. Although the blouse and skirt weren't new they were new to me as I had only just got them in the post that day.
 Next came the skirt and it wasn't so lucky. I think it hold the record for the shortest time in my wardrobe as it was ripped to shreds.

The bra was next and it too was destined to be destroyed. This was it's first and only wearing as I had bought the set only a week before. I must admit that cutting through the straps really turns me on for some reason.

the knickers were saved but they were no longer part of a set.

Next came the suspender belt which lost out on the draw. I was very reluctant to destroy this as it was gorgeous. In fact I actually thought about stopping there but eventually I decided to go through with it,

The stockings were saved but the shoes were picked to be destroyed. I did chicken out about destroying these but promised the camera something extra to make up for it.
I was obviously turned on as I put on a very expensive basque and knickers and replaced the stockings.

Then my urges took over from reality as I went and selected a silk dress that was having an alteration done by my wife. As you can see it was bloody expensive. It didn't fit me but felt really sexy against my skin.

Anyway they both escaped destruction. To be honest I don't know that I would have destroyed them in the end but it was very arousing thinking about it!

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