Friday, 21 March 2014

Outside at last

 It had got to the point I was desperate to get back outside so I packed some clothes and headed out. It was 5:30am on a Sunday morning and it was COLD!
What I did was a fashion show of five outfits. I walked down to the edge of the canal then back past the camera. Then I walked down to the edge of the water as if I was going in. A bit of a tease.
The first outfit was an orange silk blouse, a pink silk skirt, a black basque and matching thong, black stockings and a pair of 4" heels.


Next came a green satin blouse and a pink chiffon mini skirt with the same undies and shoes.

The third outfit was a pink jumper, blue denim mini skirt, same basque, thong and stockings with black thigh boots.

A complete change saw a cream wool dress, a blue flowered bra and knickers, black tights and patent ankle strap heels.

The final outfit was a black lace mini dress over the same blue undies, tights and patent heels.

Now obviously I wasn't going to leave it there and so in I went.

I knew it was going to be cold but I wasn't expecting it to be as cold as it was. I could hardly breath and didn't stay in for long.

 While I was stripping off I realised someone had walked along the far bank. I had no idea what he saw but I was too cold to worry. Once naked I got in the car and ran the heater to warm up. I had planned on going in again and I wasn't going to be put off.

 This time I went right in but again I didn't stop long. When I got back to the car I nearly had to rip off the dress as it was tight and wet. However I managed it and got dressed. It was about two hours before I got warm again but it was worth it.

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