Saturday, 22 February 2014

Another cull of the clothes

Following on from the last session I decided I would do it all again. Using the same envelopes but this time I chose the clothes by picking them out of a hat. I limited myself to two sets of clothes.
The choice was between a new set of undies or an existing black bra and thong from La Senza.

Tights or stockings and suspenders

A new denim mini skirt or the faux leather one.

A wool jumper or a satin blouse.

Black high heels or boots.

And here you can see the outcome. It was only as the boots were picked that I realised what I might be going to do. These were the only sensible boots I owned and they could be destroyed. However I made a vow I would go through with this.

The first item to be picked was the satin blouse and things started badly as it was chosen to be destroyed.

Amazingly the skirt survived another session. Next came the bra and it too was to be cut up. Yet another matching set which wasn't matching any more.

Then came the boots and they were to be destroyed. I must admit to nearly stopping at this point but I carried on and got trned on as the scissors sliced through the sides. I enjoyed cutting the buckles off.

Although I was limited to scissors I managed to destroy the boots completely.

Then the destroy a skirt came up and I chose this lovely satin skirt. You can just make out the embroidered pattern.  It was one of those skirts that rustled as you walked but not any more.

The tight survived this time but the knickers were to be destroyed. Well they didn't have a bra to go with them any more anyway!

As usual I couldn't stop there so on went the black bra and thong and a black dress. The underwear survived but the black dress wasn't so lucky.

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