Saturday, 22 March 2014

More clothes trashed

 Here we go with another session. I have moved my photos to here
You can now view my current clothes and also what has met its demise!
For this session the clothes picked were the cream wool dress seen worn for the first time in my last blog down at the canal. With the dress I wore a matching new grey bra and knickers, tights and a new pair of red sandals.

I had the words destroy or keep hidden in a number of envelopes . The first to be be picked related to the shoes. They survived.

Next came the dress and it wasn't so lucky.

The rest of my clothes survived but I couldn't stop there so dressed again in a satin blouse and skirt, white suspender belt, tan stockings, grey bra and knickers and black ankle strap heels.

The blouse survived but the new satin skirt got destroyed. Including the satin lining.

The bra was next and it too got destroyed. Again I got turned on by the strap cutting for some reason.

The knickers were saved but no longer part of a set. The rest of the clothes also survived.

Again I couldn't stop and other set of clothes went on. This time I kept the suspenders, stockings and heels and added a new set of black and white undies, a tight black skirt and a satin blouse.

The skirt was saved but the blouse wasn't so lucky. It made a lovely noise as it got ripped.

The bra was next and it was the second bra of the day to go. You can still see the label on the shoulder strap!

This time the knickers were also destroyed.

The stockings were next.

And finally even the suspender belt was destroyed. It was sad because they are not cheap or easy to find nowadays. However I love the thrill.

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