Thursday, 14 February 2013

Not a Happy Ending

 I was out for the day and had packed some clothes in case an opportunity arose. In the morning I found a deserted car park near a canal which offered the opportunity to play in some deep puddles. I then went for lunch and then set off back to the car park. On the way I spotted this field. I couldn't resist even though it was overlooked from a nearby farm and was on a fairly busy main road.

 I changed into some smartish clothes, set up the camera and walked out into the field. All the time on the lookout for cars and, even worse, cyclists.

This was the moment when I got aroused as I had no idea how deep this puddle was.

It was fairly deep and extremely cold. Colder than I'd expected anyway.

I then tried out the mud which was quite firm as it must have still been thawing out from the recent cold spell.

 I headed back to the water and sat down and got wetter.

I had gone back to the car briefly but decided one more play and maybe a roll in the mud anyway.

It was at that moment a car came by and stopped for a moment. Luckily my car hid me from view, or at least I hoped so.

 I waited until the car had gone out of hearing and only then was I aware of a helicopter. Looking up I could see a police helicopter hovering in the distance. It was time to depart and quickly. Head down I headed back to the car.

Keeping the car between me and the helicopter I stripped off the shoes, tights, knickers and shoes. Grabbing the camera I jumped in the passenger door, slid across to the driving seat and left. My main concern was now being stopped by a patrol car as I was still wearing my blouse and bra. After a mile or so I stopped, finished changing and drove on. I know I was doing nothing illegal but it is still very unnerving knowing you are being filmed by the police.

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