Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mud Trap

 I wanted to get muddy but hadn't much time so I came up with this idea. First of all I dug a hole in the front garden.

Then I used the jet wash to turn the earth into runny mud. Then I added back the earth a little at a time and kept using the jet wash until the hole was full.

 Then just the addition of a few leaves makes the whole thing invisible!

Then along comes an unsuspecting girl. Not only was this daring as I was right by the front fence and anyone walking along or driving past could see me but I was turned on because I had spent ages ironing all the layers of the skirt especially to get it dirty. Strange I know but I love the nice new feel.

 This is the moment when those lovely cream heels disappear.

 Oh dear she seems to have got her feet dirty!

 And now her skirt.

 I hadn't planned on any more but I couldn't resist it so after cleaning up I put on a pair of fur lined boots and a pair of my wife's office trousers.

And here goes that outfit into the mud

 Oh dear what a mess she's in.

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