Thursday, 14 February 2013

Chilly Rest Stop

This was filmed  in December when it was minus 4. I dressed and then drove along the lanes until I found a suitable spot. The story was that Davina was lost and need a comfort break.

Seeing an open gateway she pulls in and parks the car.

 Getting out she hurries in the cold weather

Squatting down she does what is necessary. (She didn't really)

 Getting to her feet she loses her footing on the icy ground as she pulls her tights up. This was the bit that thrilled me most as I had no idea how thin the ice was nor how deep the water might be.

 For a moment the ice held then there was a crack and one foot went through into the icy water.

 The other foot skated around on the ice as she tried to regain her balance.

 Then that foot too went through the ice.

 Unable to hold her balance she fell backwards and her bottom crashed through the ice.

 Getting to her feet her nice white skirt was coated in mud and soaked through with the cold water.

 Abandoning all hope of keeping dry she splashed her way back to the car.

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