Thursday, 13 September 2012

Walk in the rain

It was cold and damp but that wasn't going to stop me going for a walk. Underwear, stockings, boots, a chiffon skirt, silk blouse and a raincoat was all I needed.

As you can see I walked quite a way but didn't want to risk leaving my camera as the road was close behind the car.

On the way back I took off my raincoat as it had stopped raining. Then I heard the police helicopter approaching so I kept my head down and returned to the car.

Once the helicopter had left I went back to paddle in the water.

Trouble is I couldn't resist dropping my skirt in the water ignoring the temperature.

Then back to the car.

As I was driving awa, still dressed, it started to rain again so I risked all and went and stood in the rain.

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