Thursday, 13 September 2012

Messy field

I was asked to film myself walking through slurry in high heels so I added some clothes and drove down to the road to here.

 Now, although the field was right by a busy road I only planned to walk through the muck and my car was blocking the view directly. Lorries and tractors could see over the hedge but wouldn't see what I was walking in. As I only planned to paddle I had brought a towel to wipe my feet and wrap the shoes in.

 They started off nice shiny gold heels.

As I broke through the smell was pretty strong. I walked through a couple of times and even squatted down as if going to sit.

On one of these squate my skirt brushed the muck and as I stood up I felt the wet material against my legs.

It was all too much for me and I sat right down. Wow, it was all warm but very smelly now I was lower down!

As you can see I was fairly well coated and had little to clean myself up with. I wiped myself down with the towel and put on my jeans and t-shirt but it was straight in the shower when I got home.

The video can be seen here

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