Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Quick trip outdoors

It was a cold winters day and I was desperate to do some outdoor filming so I gathered up a few clothes and headed out to film. Couldn't take much and I forgot my wig.
I found a deserted road and changed into a pair of my wifes jeans along with my jumper, boots and knickers. Then it was off across the road to the muddy footpath.

That is actually ice on top of the puddles.

I wasn't quite sure how far to venture down the path so I just played in the puddles in sight of the camera

Not satified with one outfit and even though it was icy cold I swapped the jeans, boots and sweater for a thin wool dress and heels.

Then it was back into the puddles and off down the muddy path

Still not satisfied I splashed water over myself and even sat down in the icy puddle.

Getting nervous I decided to call it a day

I had just got back to the car and stripped off the dress when...

I ducked down but if he looked in his mirrors he would have seen me. Oh well.

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